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SaturnWelcome to ShemyaNet. You need to know a few things so that you don't get upset later on.

First, you are on a rated-bandwidth plan. This means every time you visit a webpage or make a download, you are using up part of your weekly allotted bandwidth. You probably paid for around 2000MB per week, but to know for sure, you're going to have to ask Charley. You can CLICK HERE to install a bandwidth usage meter on your system. Just follow one of the README files listed there. 

Second, if you have any trouble, call Charley at 392-3676 or 392-3293 or Chris at 392-3087 or 392-4057. Please try Charley first because Chris sometimes works shifts. DO NOT call these guys between 2100 & 0800. They do not get paid to help you so please don't abuse their assistance.

Third, it’s a satellite dish. When the weather gets bad, the internet access disappears. There’s nothing wrong with your computer, and there’s nothing we can do to fix it (unless you know someone who’s giving away a dome).

SaturnThe shortcut you used to access this page is important. Either copy the shortcut onto your desktop, or save it as a Favorite in your Web browser.

Please read over the Current network configuration, and the Laws & bi-laws to be aware of what the situation is with ShemyaNet. Also, read & print the ShemyaNet binding agreement. You will need to sign and return this to Charley. If you have trouble opening these documents, please refer to our Software page to get a copy of Open Office.


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