Life on Shemya

There is a wide range of BOS Contract, Contractors, Sub-contractors and military personnel that work for the 611 ASUS. Each has a specific roll to fulfill and schedule to work. 2 Dormitories house all permanent party workers that arrive. The BOS Contract employees have a bathroom that is shared by 2 staterooms on either side. Supervisors and Leads are given suites that have their own bathrooms. You will have furniture, a telephone, satellite television - everything you'd expectin a normal hotel room. All rooms have exterior windows as well as plenty of furniture and storage space.Although theses rooms are serviced by the Billeting staff, there is NO maid service, so be prepared to clean up behind yourself.

Stuff to do

There is a fair amount of Television stations broadcasted by Dish, AFN and local Media. You can acquire Internet access through ShemyaNet with a $200 installation fee and $300 biannual charge. Speaking of which:

PleaseCLICKHERE for access to the ShemyaNetintranet site. Please copy the shortcut there labeled "2010 Shemya Web Index files - PLEASE DO NOT OPEN" onto your desktop, or save it as a Favorite in your Web browser. This way, you'll be able to access it from your desktop or your Favorites menu without having to return to this site.

Mac users, please CLICK HERE for a guide to gain access to the site.

The common area joining each wing is the Dayroom where games of darts, pool, poker, shuffleboardand local gatheringscan beheld at any time of the day or week. There is also an entertainment center for music and television. We also have a 280 seat Theater in which we show movies, most of which play in the box office just a few weeks before.

There is 1 store on the island run by CFSI. It sells cigarettes, beer and wine mostly-not much else. The store accepts only cash and checks-NO CREDIT CARDS. There is an ATM on the island.

The Gym

Our air-conditioned gym is well equipped with state of the art Precor branded equipment, includes Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Ellipticals, Rowers, Spinner bikes and Recumbent Cycles plus a wide range of resistance training machines and abdominal and free weights area.

  • Features over 6,000 sq/ft of workout space
  • Over 20,000 lbs of free weights
  • Over 40 Precor branded equipment
  • Separate free weight area (area includes power racks, multi racks, dead lift platforms)
  • Plate loaded machines by Precor
  • Full cardiovascular area (bikes, treadmills, stairmasters, ellipticals, stepmill)
  • Heavy bag
  • Showers/Locker rooms
  • Sauna

The Shemya fitness center is a solution for those of you who are determined to stay fit and healthy despite a busy daily routine. The fact that the gym is available 24 hours a day will hopefully make you consider this a great option to get you into an exercising routine.

The Shemya Gym allows you to exercise whenever you have time such as very early in the mornings or late at night. It is your option as to what works well for you. There are three things you can count on with the Shemya fitness center

(1) It will not be crowded allowing you to exercise on whichever machine you choose.

(2) You will not feel the pressure of having to limit how much time you spend on a piece of equipment.

(3) It doesn't cost you a dime.

Our gym gives you the freedom to exercise when you want, thus, you don't need to rush your exercise practice or try to squeeze it in during your lunch hour. Knowing that you can get to the gym any time of the day or night makes exercise a pleasure, as it should be. Being available around the clock cuts down on the excuse that you may give (to yourself) for not being able to keep fit and healthy due to a gym opening schedule.

It is important that one enjoy exercising in order to achieve desired results. Our gym offers you the possibility to practice on a variety of fitness machines and equipment, which will keep you from getting bored and tired with exercising. We have a variety of equipment to meet your every need. Here is an example of what our facility offers:

1st Floor Precor strength conditioning machines-Abdominal, dips/chin-up, lateral raise, chest fly/rear deltoid,

triceps press, bicep curls, shoulder press, back, incline press, lat pull down, chest press, lower back,

glutes/hamstring, abductor, adductor, calf raise, leg curl, leg press, Self spotting Smith Machine,

Squat rack, Shoulder press bench, Chest press bench, Incline Chest press bench, Multi-purpose

Cable Machine. Dumb bell free weights from 5 lbs 90 lbs, Barbell free weights 2.5 lbs to 45 lbs

3 Treadmills, 3 Cross ramp/Ellipticals, 1 Recumbent Bike, 1 Upright exercise bike, 2 Stair Climbers

4 Televisions with cardio equipment audio communications systems.

CD/Cassette capable multi-speaker stereo system.

2nd Floor Indoor track, convenient small work-out area for runner to perform stretching, sit-ups & other

complimentary exercises while using the track.